Interview & Gallery: Broadway Calls and Anchor Point at Illegal Pete’s


Interview & Gallery: Broadway Calls and Anchor Point at Illegal Pete’s


So, I haven’t done much with the video on my camera yet, but here’s a video of Broadway Calls playing “Save Our Ship” at Illegal Pete’s (A burrito joint) in Denver last week. It’s not the best, and I lose focus once or twice. But it’s still fun. :)

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Back To Oregon.mp3
Broadway Calls / Broadway Calls

The Broadway Calls tag needed a new post.

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One More Year (Live)
Broadway Calls / Good Views, Bad News

Broadway Calls - One More Year (Live)

One More Year is a song that didn’t get a studio recording, let alone onto a record. They played it on Warped Tour 2008, which is where this is from.

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Give Up The Ghost (Demo)
Broadway Calls / The Riot Before/Broadway Calls Split

Broadway Calls - Give Up The Ghost (early version)


This is the version on their split with The Riot Before. It has a different arrangement from the studio version on GVBN.

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Broadway Calls hitting the studio next month + playing a show in Denver, CO

From their Facebook:
"Next month, we’ll be spending a few weeks in Ft. Collins at the Blasting Room making our new record for SideOneDummy Records! While there, we figured it would be a good idea to play a show in Denver, because it’s always a good idea to play a show in Denver. So on Friday March 30 we are playing a FREE ALL AGES show at Illegal Pete’s in downtown Denver. Come hang out. We’ll be studio weary and very ready to play a show at this point, and we love you. So we’ll see you there."

Show info (from Illegal Pete’s Facebook):
"We are so excited to announce that Broadway Calls have confirmed to play Illegal Pete’s Downtown on Friday, March 30th. Local punkers, Anchor Point, will support the show. This show is All Ages, Free, and will start around 9pm. Come down early, grab a drink and a burrito, and hang out with the band. Sound System are presenting this show."

If you’re in the Denver area, be sure to hit this up! It’ll definitely be tons of fun.

By the way, the new album is slated for a late summer/early fall release. Get stoked.

Broadway Calls - At the End/To The Sheets

Possibly the only time they played At the End.

To The Sheets (Acoustic)
Broadway Calls / Punktastic Acoustic Sessions

Broadway Calls - To The Sheets (Acoustic)

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